Admission Process


Hope Care Center is a specialized Skilled Nursing Facility exclusively for people with HIV\AIDS. HCC is a small facility with only 16 residents which allows us to provide individually tailored care in a comfortable, family-like environment. We are located at the intersection of 83rd Street and Main Street in south Kansas City, Missouri.

Hope Care Center serves residents who have been diagnosed with HIV\AIDS and who have a need for skilled nursing care as determined through our assessment process. Hope is Medicaid certified, and accepts residents with private insurance and referrals from the Veterans Administration.

Call Hope Care Center

To find out if there are any beds available or expected to be available in the near future call us at 816-523-3988 and ask to speak to a member of our Admission Team:

Val Fulbright, Director of Nursing
Gary Yeakle, Administrator

If you prefer, click on one of the names above to email.

Send Information About the Potential Resident

Fax information to us at 816-444-2136, Attention Nursing Coordinator
History and Physical (H & P)
Any recent lab work or other pertinent information
Information will be reviewed immediately upon receipt
Our Admission Team will determine if Hope can meet the needs of the potential resident, and a member of the Admission Team will contact you with the result.

On-Site Assessment

If our Admission Team determines that the needs of the potential resident can be met by Hope, we will contact you immediately and make arrangements to meet the potential resident and conduct an on-site assessment. Our Admission Team will review the results of the on-site assessment and a final determination will be made and you will be contacted.

Due to the frequently complex medical conditions of the population we serve, Hope Care Center conducts a detailed on-site assessment of all prospective residents. This assessment helps us to assure that we can fully meet the needs of the prospective resident. It is our goal to complete the assessment process as quickly as possible after you contact us about a possible admission. Your help in letting us know of your client’s interest as early as possible will help us complete our assessment process in a timely manner

Visit Hope Care Center and Ask Questions

We encourage you to visit Hope Care Center at any point in the admission process and to ask us any questions that you may have.

Managing Resident Admissions is a very important priority for us and we will complete the entire process as quickly as possible.